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Naruto Card SET of (5) Game Rare Cards 1st Editions

Naruto Card SET of (5) Game Rare Cards 1st Editions

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Naruto Card SET| Cultural auction items
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NARUTO CARD SET | Cultural auction items



Set of (5) Naruto Cards all are 1st editions (check photos) all cards came with Dragon protection cover
J-007 | Naruto Path to Hokage Single Jutsu Card # 007 Sharingan Eye Rare Naruto CCG (1ST EDITION)
J-US004 | J-US004 Primary Lotus Eternal Rivalry Naruto Rare Card (1ST EDITION)
N-146 | Naruto CCG Revenge and Rebirth Ninja Card # N-146 Temari Rare Card (1ST EDITION)
N-238 | Naruto CCG Series 7 Quest for Power Single Card N-238 Shikamaru Nara Rare Naruto Card (1ST EDITION)
M-092 | Tide of the Deadly Combat Naruto Curse of the Sand Mission Card # M-092 Rare Cards (1ST EDITION)
*Dimensions each card: 3.5″ H x 2.5″ W x 0.012″ D

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